HIV-ASSIST is a free, interactive, educational tool created by expert clinicians to inform clinical decision-making for antiretroviral therapy selection for persons living with HIV.


HIV-ASSIST utilizes a multiple-criteria decision-analysis framework to integrate clinical factors (eg, HIV-1 RNA level, mutation analysis, comorbidities, etc.) and generates a ranked list of recommended ARV regimens individualized for each patient. Recommendations provided by the tool are delivered based on an algorithm that weighs both current management guidelines and clinical evidence against individual patient factors. In addition to providing recommendations on ARVRT selection, HIV-ASSIST includes resources on individual antiretrovirals (such as supporting clinical trial evidence), potential ARV combinations, and considerations for comorbidities and comedications.

HIV-ASSIST, Inc. is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the state of Maryland. All algorithms are created with input of the volunteer Scientific Advisory Committee, which makes decisions independent of any external agencies or funding sources.

Disclaimer: We are a site under undergoing ongoing testing and refinement.  HIV-ASSIST uses mathematical algorithms to assess various patient and viral factors to rank ART options.  HIV-ASSIST is not a replacement for clinical decision-making or judgement and is meant as a transparent educational tool. HIV-ASSIST is designed to be used for adult patients only. Please use clinical judgement and seek the the input of experienced HIV clinicians when making final treatment decisions. We welcome your feedback to improve our decision algorithms, and educational content.

HIV-ASSIST streamlines evidence-based ARV decision making

Current Resources  The HIV-ASSIST Solution
Current HIV guidelines can be dense and challenging to navigate

A patient-driven interface to direct you to the relevant guideline information for your patient

There are many clinical HIV trials, with few consolidated resources

Educational content with clinical evidence specific to each ARV regimen

Transparent rationale and decision making process in a manner consistent with current scientific evidence

Synthesizing patient characteristics is necessary but complex and time consuming process to determine the best ART regimen 

An expert-created algorithm that incorporates these characteristics for you

*Please note that we use an in-house algorithm that mathematically weighs various patient characteristics with current guidelines and evidence. Individual patients may require different considerations not evaluated in our algorithm.


HIV-ASSIST is a Medical Education Platform

Comparing HIV-ASSIST strategy with traditional methods of disseminating educational content



Traditional methods


Online, Individualized

Lecture, Seminar, Video

Time commitment

Short (minutes)

Long (hours)

Volume of material

Light (portfolio based)


Case-based learning

Every learning instance is case-based

Case-examples are fixed by instructor

Relevance to patient care

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