1 PI

This is a generic educational information sheet for 1 PI regimens.

Efficacy in clinical trials:

Trial Name

Drugs Compared




PI Monotherapy

528 tx   experienced

Of the 529 patients virologically suppressed who switched to a boosted protease inhibitor monotherapy individuals with less than 1 year of prior sustained virological suppression were more likely to experience virological failure on boosted protease inhibitor monotherapy (BPIMT) for a duration of 12-23 months and 24 months or more. Rates of failure were similar for BPIMT with lopinavir-ritonavir or darunavir-ritonavir, but increased for BPIMT with atazanavir-RTV [1]


Dual ARV w/ PI

131 tx experienced

131 HIV-1 infected patients who switched to a maintenance dual antiretroviral regimen containing a boosted PI were followed for a median of 14 months. Virological failure rate was 90.1%. Two patients had virological failure and 11 discontinued treatment due to side effects or were lost to follow-up[2]


1.         Guiguet M, Ghosn J, Duvivier C, Meynard J-L, Gras G, Partisani M, et al. Boosted protease inhibitor monotherapy as a maintenance strategy: an observational study. AIDS. 2012;26(18):2345-50.

2.         Burgos J, Crespo M, Falcó V, Curran A, Navarro J, Imaz A, et al. Simplification to dual antiretroviral therapy including a ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor in treatmentexperienced HIV-1-infected patients. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2012;67(10):2479-86.