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There is not specific clinical evidence for the efficacy of the DRV/r+TAF/FTC/RPV regimen, although there is evidence supporting the closely related regimen of RPV+DRV/r . At 48 weeks it was non-inferior in terms of virological response when compared to patients on standard triple therapy and demonstrated and improved side effect profile with respect to bone density (Maggiolo 2016).

Efficacy in clinical trials:

  • The RPV+DRV/r regimen was non-inferior to a standard triple therapy regimen over 48 weeks. The dual therapy had a more favorable side effect profile for bone density, and was not any different with respect to lipid profile or renal function (Maggiolo 2016).


  • Maggiolo, Franco, et al. "NRTI Sparing Therapy in Virologically Controlled HIV-1 Infected Subjects: Results of a Controlled, Randomized Trial (Probe)."JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 72.1 (2016): 46-51.

Updated: 5/10/17